Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is a insurance company application that allows you to select from a number of packages, make a claim as well as view and manage your account.


Fleet Insurance provides you with the convenience of being able to view and manage your personal account. Once you are on the account page you are able to make a claim, view your current package as well as select a new package.


Fleet Insurance allows you to view packages offered by the insurance company. On the packages page you are able to swipe left and right to view potential packages and choose the most suitable package for you. Tapping on the floating plus (+) button in the bottom right will change your package to the one being currently viewed.

Make Claim

Fleet Insurance grants you the ability to create and track an insurance claim with ease. After creating a claim on the claim creation page you can view over a list of your claims on the claims page. Tapping on a claim will reveal any photos that were provided at the time of creation.

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